How Caspero works

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Make and receive payments anytime and anywhere.

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Why Caspero?


Sending money to your loved ones is easy with Caspero. You only need to enter the recipient’s email address and the amount you wish to send and with one click your money is on its way. The receiver will be notified by email and can withdraw the funds within minutes.


Paying with Caspero is easier and safer than ever before. With thousands of participating merchants, all you need to do is pick Caspero as your payment option at checkout and we take care of the rest. The seller never receives your personal or financial information, only the amount you want to pay, so your personal info is safe with us.


Your security is our highest priority. We employ cutting-edge technology to guard you, your money, and your information. Using Caspero is not only convenient it also keeps your money and financial information safer. We provide an extra layer of security, so using our payments system to pay online is easy and secure.


We at Caspero strive to make your online shopping experience as simple and rewarding as possible, so as a user of the Caspero e-wallet, you will receive unique benefits, such as exclusive offers and discounts at some of your favorite online merchants.


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How Caspero works – for Businesses

Caspero’s easy-to-integrate, secure and quick checkout is the only payment solution you’ll ever need.
Open Merchant Account
Apply, get approved, and get on with doing business. We make the process seamless and fast.
Easily Integrate
Integration to your website is quick and easy. Get up and running in no time at all.
See Profits Grow
Add Caspero to your arsenal and see conversions and profits growth.
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Joining is quick and easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to be able to finally pay and receive payments anytime, anywhere and to any account!


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